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The beginning of the end arrived when the mysterious batch of artifacts coming from the mysterious island of Yeb fell into Dr. Carter’s hands. After carefully examining it for display, everything took an unexpected turn. They say there are secrets that should have never been discovered, and this is certainly one of them. 

Become the night security guard in charge of watching the museum’s building and its valuable collections during closing hours, including the newest exhibit, made up of a series of egyptian objects and linked to a series of recent tragic events. Your duties will include making rounds of the building, monitoring security systems and responding to emergencies and incidents that may occur. But the job is not as straightforward as it seems. You’ll soon realize that you’re not alone in the building…  

Get ready to face the unknown, for perhaps, during this odyssey, you will end up hearing ancient echoes resonating in the modern era. You’ll feel the awe and fear for the ancient gods and the mysteries of a civilization lost to time. 

The main setting for this haunting adventure is London’s majestic Crystal Palace. Through its many rooms and exhibits, you must thoroughly explore every nook and cranny, unraveling mysteries and unlocking secret areas. Get into this sinister setting, collect objects and test your wits to solve the puzzles you’ll find. They will challenge your brains and skills! 

But beware, because since the last batch arrived, shadows are said to have been seen and strange things are happening in the museum… If you want to survive, make sure you always have your flashlight at hand during your rounds, for something might be lurking in the darkness and the light will be your only defense against it. Shadows on the Walls is a unique experience in VR inspired by tales and stories of cosmic horror. It combines first-person action and horror where you’ll have to survive and defend yourself with nothing but your flashlight, immersive cutscenes in 3D that will make you feel as if you were inside the game and exceptional sound design, offering you a feeling of psychological horror that will shock anyone who dares to play. What’s more, it has professional dubs in English and spanish. 

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About Raccoon Game Studio

Raccoon Game Studio is a Spanish independent studio making videogames for VR. It was founded in May 2022 by Jorge Gutiérrez and Rafael Gutiérrez in Torrent, Valencia. Their first game, “Aimtropolis”, has been a big achievement for them, since within its first year of existence, it has been published in several platforms. The studio is made up various experts in different fields, who have the goal of achieving their new mission after their first launch: the creation of videogames with puzzle and survival mechanics for young adults, where the player is at the center of the action. In Raccoon Game Studio they make an effort to offer immersive and exciting experiences through virtual reality, using the latest tech and creative approaches.

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